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  • China Beads
    China, which has a long history and profound culture, has devoted itself to enrich the types of beads since early times. Some types of beads have combined the Chinese and...
  • The Prospect of China Pearls Industry
    As you know, China has a long history of pearl beads making and impressive production. Pearl industry in our country can date back to the Song Dynasty, which was recorded...
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  • Chinese Jade Culture
    Chinese Jade, regarded as the legacy of the stone age and essence of rivers and mountains, has placed a very important role in Chinese culture, art and history. Its long ...
  • The Process of Bead Making
    Beads have been made since they first appeared over 40,000 years ago, and have spread worldwide since times of migration with the 'discovery' of new continents.
  • Ceramic Beads from Different Countries
    Ceramic Beads, which is considered as an element of fashion, have been very popular and widely used nowadays in necklaces, earrings, pendants and so on.
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  • Who’s Daning Jewelry?
    Daning Jewelry Co., Ltd. (aka Daning Arts & Crafts Factory) was established in 1976, which is one of the largest bead manufacturers in the mainland China. As a profession...
  • How to Make Cloisonné Beads?
    Cloisonne, as an ancient technique of arts and crafts, originated and developed in the Ming Dynasty and was improved in the Tang Dynasty. Because only blue works of clois...
  • The Art of Cinnabar
    The art of engraved paint is brilliant and precious culture created by man's production activity for thousands of years. Red painting bowl excavated from Hemu Du, Yuyao c...

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1.Professional Wholesale Beads Supplier and More Selection
China Beads is a professional and one of the largest jewelry beads manufacturers in the mainland China. We manufacture and supply various kinds of jewelry beads and related products: cinnabar, ceramic, bone & wood, cloisonne, gemstones, jade, fashion jewelry, jewelry accessories, findings and much more. Chinabead.cc is the wholesale platform of China Beads

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ChinaBead.cc provides our customers with a huge range of high-quality and totally handmade products at much lower prices. The more the wholesale volume, the larger you can save and enjoy! Browse our products now!

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To ensure fast delivery, chinabead uses DHL, EMS and UPS etc. to ship all our packages. You can shop online with confidence, because we use a secure server and adopt strong security measures to protect your information.

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